Sports Vision

Sports Vision Is An Essential Part of Eye Care at Your Optometrists

 in Chehalis, WA

It's easy to think of optometry as all about correcting vision problems. Sports Vision, however, is all about making vision better. Your eye doctor team in Chehalis led by Dr. John Stoddard and Dr. Robert Burrows helps athletes and sports enthusiasts of all ages improve the visual abilities that are essential for their sport.

Sports Vision Is An Essential Part of Eye Care at Your Optometrists in Chehalis, WA

What can Sports Vision do for me?

The kinds of abilities that Sports Vision helps athletes and sports fans improve include eye-hand coordination, depth perception, peripheral vision awareness, focusing speed, focusing accuracy, dynamic visual acuity (for watching moving objects), and reaction time. Sports Vision optometry achieves these goals through vision correction, but also through vision training.

What kinds of services for Sports Vision will I receive from my eye care specialists?

Sports Vision includes very basic vision correction. If you can't read letters on the eye chart, you need corrective lenses. Correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism is very basic to Sports Vision, but correcting near and distant vision and eliminating the blur caused by astigmatism are only the start.

Your eye care doctor who provides Sports Vision optometry will test for contrast sensitivity. This is the ability to see objects against a background. It's the test that has you identify parallel gray stripes against backgrounds that gradually match the shade of the stripes. If you have issues with contrast sensitivity, your eye doctor may prescribe lenses with specific tints to enhance your ability to see objects against a background. (One additional hint: It also helps to keep your glasses and contacts clean if you want better contrast sensitivity.)

Doctors of optometry use high-tech devices to test tracking ability. These machines can be used to assess how well your eyes can follow an object, and similar technology can be used to train your eyes to follow objects better.

Your Sports Vision eye doctor will test for eye dominance, which of your eyes, if either, is more important for seeing clearly up close. The doctor will use this information to help give you a winning edge in up-close vision by adjusting your lenses accordingly.

The eye doctor might use a Saladin Near Point Balance Card to determine how well your left and right eyes work together as a team. Or the eye doctor may conduct assessments of eye-hand coordination and visual processing speed. Or you Doctor of Optometry may test your depth perception. All of these measurements go into consideration for the exact kinds of correction and training you need to get a winning edge in your sport.

See Your Eye Care Specialists in Lewis County about Sports Vision.

Dr. Stoddard and Dr. Burrows together have over 65 years of experience in providing the tools of Sports Vision. Give them a call to schedule an appointment at (360) 748-9228!


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