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Prokera is a medical device used by eye doctors to repair, heal, and manage damaged eye surfaces. It's especially beneficial for reducing inflammation and treating ocular surface diseases. Our optometry team at Lewis County Eye & Vision in Chehalis can help you determine if Prokera is the best treatment option for you.

What Is Prokera? 

Prokera is a therapeutic device used by optometrists globally to heal and repair damaged surfaces of the eye. A piece of amniotic membrane tissue is clipped between two rings of clear, flexible material. The amniotic membrane comes from the placenta donated by consenting mothers after cesarean section (C-section) births. The tissue consists of healing properties that help in ocular surface repair.

Benefits of Prokera

Our optometry team uses Prokera because it helps damaged eye surfaces heal faster, helps patients experience less pain and scarring, and reduces inflammation and other symptoms. The thin and clear amniotic membrane in Prokera is just like the tissue on the eye's surface. We use Prokera to treat dry eye, keratitis, corneal scars and defects, chemical burns, partial limbal stem cell deficiency, and other inflammatory ocular diseases. Prokera is safe and effective and is provided by a tissue bank that is regulated by the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

Is Prokera Comfortable?

Prokera is similar to larger contact lenses. You will have the sensation of a foreign object in your eyes, but it is not uncomfortable. Our optometrist will provide you with special instructions to follow once your Prokera lenses are inserted. We recommend that you avoid rubbing your eyes, swimming or soaking your face with water, tightly closing your eyes during a shower, and using prescribed eye drops and medication. You should also contact our office immediately if you experience any problems.

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