Signs your kids might have vision problems

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Vision problems in children are particularly hard to diagnose. This is especially true if the child is born with a mild vision problem. They may grow up thinking that is how everyone else sees the world.

At Lewis County Eye and Vision, we see a lot of children with eye problems that have lasted years. Only a highly observant parent will be able to sense a vision problem.

Here are signs to look out for when you suspect your child has a vision problem:

1. Squinting 

Squinting is a reflex mechanism that works to make images clearer. Most people who squint do not even know that they’re doing it. A child who is short-sighted will always be seen squinting. It is more in the evening when they are performing tasks such as reading the board at school or watching TV.

2. Frequent Rubbing of Eyes

Rubbing of the eyes is often done when one is tired. People with vision problems rub their eyes after straining for a long time. Children are more likely to rub their eyes because they’re easily fatigued. Rubbing of eyes may also be a sign of an allergic reaction.

3. Headaches

Eyes strain and squinting is the leading cause of headaches in pediatric patients and adults with vision problems. The headaches are usually left or right sides and cause light sensitivity. Thus pediatric patients who have frequent well-localized headaches are often referred to as an eye-care specialist.

4. Clumsiness 

It is no secret that children are sometimes clumsy. However, not all clumsiness is usual. Tripping on the playground or falling while running is a normal part of childhood. However, constantly bumping into clearly visible things is not normal.

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