Progressive Lenses

An Optometrist in Chehalis, WA, Has a Vision to Improve Our Vision

Once we’re born, our close focusing ability keeps decreasing until, by age forty, everything within an arm’s length begins to blur. Some use separate single-power glasses or bifocals to see near and far. Some use trifocals to also see intermediate distances. However, progressive lenses enable us to see clearly at all distances. At Lewis County Eye and Vision we pride ourselves on providing you with the best solution to your vision problems. If progressive lenses seem right for you, we will fit you with the right glasses to help you look, feel, and see your best.

An Optometrist in Chehalis, WA, Has a Vision to Improve Our Vision Once we’re born

Progressive Lenses Keep Improving

As America’s aging population has increased so has the demand to see well in our golden years. This has resulted in many new developments in progressive lens technology that include:

Bigger viewing areas: The need to look through the center of the lens is no longer necessary. Modern progressive lenses have wide zones for optimal side vision. Working on a computer is now a far more comfortable experience than when using bifocals or trifocals.

More comfortable for sports: Progressive lenses made with lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate are perfect for sports eyewear.

Smaller frames are fine: Early progressive lens designs required large glasses. Not anymore. New lens technology allows for compact glasses.

Improved lens composition: High-index plastic makes modern progressive lenses thinner, lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than ever.

Advantages of Progressive Lenses

  • No age-enhancing lens lines. They look natural.
  • See clearly at every distance with only one pair of glasses.
  • Unlike with bifocals or trifocals, there is no abrupt change in vision when looking from one distance to another.
  • The latest progressive lens technology enables a large selection of lenses for contacts or eyeglasses.

Disadvantages of Progressive Lenses

  • They are more expensive than regular contacts and glasses.
  • It may take one or two weeks to adjust and looking through the side of the lenses may cause dizziness and nausea.
  • They require a more precise fit.
  • Most worldwide insurance companies do not cover this type of lens.

Make an Appointment

To learn more about progressive lenses, contact the Chehalis, WA, Lewis County Eye and Vision office at (360) 547-7959 and schedule an appointment. After an eye exam and evaluation, our optometrist will determine if progressives are right for you.



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