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LASIK Co-Management at Lewis County Eye & Vision, INC. in Chehalis, WA

LASIK surgery is an amazing technique that can help many people see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. But is this technique right for you, and how can you make sure you get the best results from it? Our team at Lewis Country Eye & Vision in Chehalis, WA can help by providing pre-operative and post-operative LASIK co-management.

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What is LASIK

LASIK uses state-of-the-art laser surgery to reshape the contours of your corneas -- changing the way light enters the eye right at the source, rather than through the use of glasses or contacts. Your eye surgeon will offer sedation and numb the eye to make the procedure painless. The laser makes a flap in the outer corneal tissue, which is moved aside. The laser then removes small amounts of underlying corneal tissue to match your ideal corrective prescription. Once the flap is replaced, it heals without stitches. 

Good Candidates for LASIK Surgery

Are you a good candidate for LASIK surgery? Not everyone is well suited for this form of vision correction. Qualifications for good candidates include:

  • Age (over 18)
  • A stable corrective prescription
  • No uncontrolled eye diseases, infections, or underlying health problems
  • Not pregnant or nursing
  • Corneal thickness of least half a millimeter

Pre-Operative LASIK Evaluations and Post-Operative Care From Our Optometry Team

Our optometry team of Dr. John Stoddard and Dr. Robert Burrows can perform a careful pre-operative evaluation to determine whether you're a good candidate for LASIK surgery. If, for example, we discover that your corneal tissues are unusually thin or weak, we may suggest an alternative procedure known as PRK (which doesn't require thick-enough tissue to make a flap). We will also suggest alternatives if we find other complicating factors such as uncontrolled diabetes, chronic dry eye, ocular herpes infections, or a refractive error that might not respond well to the surgery. If you're a good candidate, we will explain the procedure to you in detail so you'll know what to expect.

The day after your LASIK surgery, we'll want to perform a followup eye exam just to make sure everything is all right. we will then schedule additional follow-ups in the coming months so we can track your recovery and monitor your vision. If you experience "cloudy" vision during your recovery, you might need an additional outpatient procedure to remove that cloudiness.

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