Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard to Fit Contact Lenses from our Optometrist in Chehalis

Contact lenses are so safe, comfortable, and well-designed in this day and age that just about everyone can enjoy their vision correction benefits. But that doesn't mean that it’s "one size fits all" in the world of contacts. Some people face particular considerations that make them less-than-ideal candidates for standard soft lenses. If you fall into that group, don't worry --Lewis County Eye & Vision can meet your needs with a variety of hard to fit contact lenses from our Chehalis optometrist. woman putting a hard to fit contact lens into her eye that she received from an optometrist in Chehalis

The Problem of "Hard to Fit" Eyes

What does it it mean to be told that your eyes are "hard to fit" for contacts? In some cases, the statement is literally true. Corneal irregularities such as keratoconus or advanced astigmatism resent a surface that challenges normal soft contacts, which normally conform to the corneal curvature. Strong nearsightedness or farsightedness can also require more correction than ordinary contacts can provide, while presbyopia requires the correction of multiple distance fields.

Health factors can also make eyes hard to fit for contacts. If your eyes are sensitive to protein debris, for instance, soft contacts will pose a problem, since this debris adheres easily to their surfaces. Dry eye can be made worse by soft contacts that don't retain sufficient moisture to keep the eyes hydrated. These and other conditions can indicate that you need a more specialized solution.

Comfortable, Effective Specialized Lenses from our Chehalis Eye Doctor

A contact lens exam at Lewis County Eye & Vision can reveal whether you need a particular type of contact lenses. Once your eye doctor (Dr. Stoddard or Dr. Burrows) has determined your "hard to fit" issue and measured the structures of your eye, we can fit you with the perfect lenses for your needs. Many of our specialized lenses are made from rigid gas permeable materials, which let them hold a consistent shape for accurate correction of tricky refractive errors. Other options include:

  • Hybrid contacts with a soft outer rim and a rigid gas permeable center
  • Multifocal contacts that can correct near, intermediate, and distance vision
  • Scleral contacts that encompass the entire cornea in a smooth, perfect sphere -- perfect for keratoconus sufferers (and dry eye sufferers, since they also trap tears)
  • Toric contacts weighted and shaped to sit still on the cornea, permitting them correct astigmatism problems accurately and consistently

Call Our Optometrist in Chehalis for a Contact Lens Exam

Don't give up on contact lenses just because you have hard to fit eyes. Call Lewis County Eye & Vision at (360) 748-9228 to schedule a contact lens exam with our Chehalis optometrist.


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