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Services Offered by our Chehalis Optometrists

As your trusted optometrist in Lewis County, our friendly and experienced team is here to provide the highest quality care to patients of all ages. With a focus on preventative care, we are committed to educating each of our patients on the importance of routine eye exams and disease management. Whether it’s time to schedule a comprehensive eye health exam or you’re interested in finding a great pair of prescription glasses, our knowledgeable and skilled eye doctor is here to help!

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Eye Care and Vision Correction Services Offered

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Better eye health begins with routine eye exams. Our Lewis County optometrist recommends that children should have their first eye exam at around 6 months old. As your children grow, it is important to check their eye and vision development to catch early warning signs of common vision problems. Similarly, we recommend annual eye exam appointments for most of our patients. However, senior patients or those with certain eye health conditions may require more frequent check-ups.

Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses

Eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses are arguably the most common vision correction option for our patients. And because of this, our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the perfect pair of glasses to fit your budget and lifestyle needs. We understand the importance of finding the right frames to fit your face shape and will work closely with each member of your family to find eyeglasses that you love. Choose from a variety of designer frames, lens options and more!

Contact Lens Exams

Corrective lenses are one of the most common vision care solutions for patients of all ages. If you feel like you may be a good candidate for contact lenses, our optometrist will first complete a contact lens exam and fitting. Once we have a clear idea of your refractive error, we can then recommend contact lenses that work well to meet your vision and lifestyle needs.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is another popular vision correction option that may work for many patients. Our optometry team has the skills necessary to care for all of your pre- and post-op needs as you undergo LASIK surgery. After completing a comprehensive evaluation and determining your eligibility for LASIK, we will then refer you to a surgeon who can complete the operation. Once your surgery is completed, you can complete all of your post-operative care appointments in our offices.

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