Eye Tracking Problems

Are you or your child having trouble reading, remembering what you read, or fluidly following moving objects? You might be having difficulty with your eye tracking skills. Our team at Lewis County Eye & Vision in Chehalis can help address any deficiencies in these skills.

Eye Tracking Problems

What Is Eye Tracking and What Causes Problems with It?

Eye-tracking is at the center of daily activities that involve reading and reading comprehension, among other things. It is how your eyes track or follow movements, letters, and even the ball on the basketball court.

A person whose eye tracking skills are normal has no difficulty with such activities. However, those with poor eye tracking skills often struggle in daily life. The following are some common signs that a person might have eye-tracking issues.

  • Enjoys being read to but avoids reading themselves
  • Has trouble remembering what was read
  • Poor or illegible handwriting
  • Seems to have an easier time with large print
  • Trouble keeping their place when writing, reading, or copying information
  • Difficulty playing sports
  • Slow reading speed
  • Skips words or sentences when reading
  • Has to re-read what was just read
  • Rubs their eyes or squints while reading
  • Uses their finger while reading
  • Says that the words seem to move around or float

Eye-tracking can make school and work very difficult, often leading to poor grades and performance. Unsurprisingly, many people diagnosed with dyslexia have eye-tracking difficulties.

How to Address Eye-Tracking Difficulties

Some signs of eye-tracking problems can stem from other issues, which is why it’s important to get a proper diagnosis. As these issues are not typically tested for in regular eye exams, it’s important to bring up potential symptoms to your optometrist.

If eye tracking problems are detected, vision therapy can be used to correct them. You can think of vision therapy as a workout routine for your eyes. Like every other muscle in the body, when your visual skills are weak, they need to be strengthened and honed. Vision therapy is designed to help you do that.

Our vision therapist will focus on three very important areas: fixation, pursuit, and saccade. Fixation is a term used for vision skills related to holding a steady gaze. Pursuit is the skill needed to follow moving targets and supports hand-eye coordination. Saccade is the ability to swiftly move one’s view from one target to the next, which is important for reading.

Improve Your Eye Tracking Abilities in Chehalis, WA

If any of these symptoms relate to you or a loved one, schedule an appointment at Lewis County Eye & Vision. Call our team today at (360) 748-9228 to learn more or to meet with one of our eye doctors.


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