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Treatment for Eye Injuries at Lewis County Eye & Vision

Injuries in general can be painful, scary experiences -- but an injury to the delicate tissues of the eye can prove especially alarming. If your eye has experienced damage due to an accident (or as a consequence of a disease or disorder), you need to know where you can receive prompt, effective care in Chehalis. That's why you should keep the contact information for Lewis County Eye & Vision handy. Our optometry clinic can evaluate and treat a variety of eye injuries.

Types and Causes of Common Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can vary greatly in severity. A minor scratch or the breakage of a tiny blood vessel may cause irritation or unsightly redness, but you can expect such issues to heal themselves without incident. But sometimes an eye injury requires immediate attention from our eye doctor. The most obvious examples are acute injuries that occur due to workplace or sports accidents. For example, flying wood chips or metal debris in a workshop can enter the eye, becoming stuck on the eye's surface and causing continual damage. A blunt impact can damage the eye as well as the bones or tissues surrounding the eye. Corrosive chemicals can also cause serious eye damage and vision loss.

Illnesses can also lead to eye injuries as a complication. A serious infection such as conjunctivitis can lead to corneal scratches that interfere with vision. Even a case of chronic dry eye can deprive the corneas of much-needed protection, making them vulnerable to scarring and injury.

Soothing Care From Our Eye Doctor

Either eye doctor on our experienced optometry team can diagnose and treat your eye injury. It's a good idea to call our office immediately so we can advise you of any first aid that you need to perform on yourself right away, such as irrigating an eye damaged by chemicals. We can then see you on an urgent or emergency basis if necessary to evaluate your condition and provide treatment. Treatment for an eye injury may include:

  • Extensive eye irrigation
  • Careful removal of foreign objects
  • Antibiotic or anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Bandaging to prevent infection and discourage eye rubbing

If your eye injury requires surgery, we can make the referral and provide ongoing co-management of the recuperation process to help you recover optimal eye health and visual acuity.

Injured? Call Our Chehalis Optometry Center Right Away

Don't let a worrying eye injury go untreated. Get the help you need ASAP by calling Lewis County Eye & Vision at (360) 748-9228. Our Chehalis optometry center is here to help you heal!


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