Eye Focusing Problems

Lewis County Eye & Vision can help you improve your blurry vision with vision therapy. Lewis Eye & Vision is a highly experienced optometrist in Chehalis, WA, and offers many alternatives to traditional glasses. Your eyes undergo a great deal of change throughout life. They start weak and grow strong throughout infancy. Your eyes stop developing by age 25, and many conditions that cause blurry vision get treated with glasses or contacts. We provide vision therapy to help limit how long glasses or contact might be needed,


Blurry Vision Has Many Causes

Your eyes have an automatic focusing system that adjusts your eye lens so that you see clearly at varying distances. When you change from looking at things up close, far away, and up-close again, your eye’s natural automatic focusing mechanism keeps in focus. Whenever a problem happens with your body’s automatic focusing mechanism, you wind up with accommodative dysfunction. That’s a fancy term for having poor eyesight.

Some of the more common ways to accommodative dysfunction can affect your daily life include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • Pain in and around your eyes
  • Difficulty with visual concentration
  • Increased fatigue
  • Avoiding reading or writing

Your eyesight can affect how you feel, your work quality, and the general ability to enjoy your day. Fortunately, advanced therapies can help improve your vision. If necessary glasses and contacts can correct more serious eye problems.

How Vision Therapy Helps

Your eyes benefit from exercise like any other part of the body. You have eye muscles that weaken as you age and cause vision problems. Vision therapy helps to improve your eyesight without necessarily needing glasses and contacts. Corrective lenses are for more serious issues, like astigmatism and other commonly occurring issues that affect eyesight. Vision therapy helps to strengthen your eyes and improve your vision more naturally. It also teaches you how to exercise your eyes and improve your vision in your free time.

Schedule Eye Vision Therapy Today

You don’t have so suffer from poor vision. If you or someone you know is having problems with blurry vision or any other eye conditions, we can help. Our friendly and professional staff at Lewis County Eye & Vision can schedule for eye therapy treatment as soon as today. Call us at 360-748-9228 to schedule a time to see a top vision therapist in Chehalis, WA.


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