Eye and Vision Exams

Importance of Eye and Vision Exams

Regular eye and vision exams are a vital part of maintaining good eye health. Unfortunately, some eye and vision problems don’t have obvious symptoms. However, our experienced eye doctors in Chehalis can easily diagnose your eye problem. At Lewis County Eye & Vision, we acknowledge the importance of routine eye and vision examinations. Early detection of eye problems helps us provide effective treatment options for proper management and prevent future vision loss.  


When to Visit an Eye Doctor for an Eye Exam

Annual eye exams help you maintain your eye health. However, people with conditions such as diabetes need more frequent eye exams. Everyone is unique, and therefore, it is crucial to consult with our professionals about the best exam schedule for you. Receiving an eye exam at the right time can safeguard your vision. However, if you experience any of the following issues, ensure you visit our eye doctors immediately.

Sudden Appearance of Spots, Flashes of Light or Floaters

Visual disturbances such as flashes and floaters are a tell-tale sign that you need an eye exam. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should see our optometrists within 24 hours. These visual disturbances might be a sign of more significant disorders such as a retinal tear. 

Gradual Blurring Vision

If you notice your vision degrading gradually, you should schedule an eye exam as soon as possible. But how do you know whether your vision is degrading? Moving a book or your computer screen further from your eyes to improve clarity is one sign. Another sign might be bringing objects closer to you while reading. 

Eye Pain

Occasional eye pain or strain is not a cause for alarm. Things such as allergies, sleep, or flu can cause infrequent pain. However, if you experience constant eye pain, you will need to be properly examined by our professionals. Ongoing eye pain might be a sign of change in vision or infection.

Sudden Blurry Vision

If you experience sudden blurry vision or a problem focusing, you need to visit our optometry office. The two can be symptoms of more significant health issues and should not be overlooked. Blurry vision may come and go, or it might be limited to one eye. Whatever the case may be, ensure you schedule an exam with our optometrists.

Eye Infection 

Swollen eyelids, redness, and itchiness are some of the symptoms of an eye infection. If you experience any of them, you need to visit an eye doctor for an exam. You might also want to get examined if you notice a pink discoloration of the whites of your eyes. 

Visit Us at Lewis County Eye & Vision for Quality Eye and Vision Exams

An eye and vision exam can help your doctor detect problems early on. Symptoms such as eye pain, eye infection, frequent headaches, and blurry vision should tell you it’s time for an eye exam. For a comprehensive examination, visit our optometry team at Lewis County Eye & Vision in Chehalis or call us at (360) 748-9228 to book your appointment. Learn more about how our eye exams can help you maintain optimal vision and eye health. 


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