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Everyone needs eye exams. From the early ages of childhood through our geriatric years, eye exams are the only way to track eye health and make sure your vision is in good shape. In Chehalis, Lewis County Eye & Vision can provide comprehensive eye exams that check the full extent of your eye health. You’ll get more than a quick run-through of a few lenses. Our eye exams look at your visual acuity, color perception, depth perception, and movement tracking. We’ll also run you through the necessary optometry tests to identify any underlying conditions as early as possible to make sure your eyes stay in top health.

a kid getting an eye exam in Chehalis, WA

What to Expect At Your Optometry Appointment

Eye exams start the same way as any exam. The doctor will take a health history, ask you general questions, and ask you if you have any specific questions or issues since your last visit. We can only truly understand your eye health by getting to know you. That’s why this part of the visit is so crucial. Once the information is gathered, the eye doctor will run you through a few tests. The most standard tests look at visual acuity, color perception, and signs of common eye conditions. Acuity tests include the well-known letter chart, bright spot testing, and several other tests you may not have done before.

Additional Testing

Other tests include the puff test that looks for glaucoma, depth perception examination, and the tracking test to see how well your eyes move and work together. The eye doctor may also want to use devices to closely inspect the structure of your eye and look for specific signs of common diseases and disorders.

In all, standard eye examinations typically don’t take very long. When you’re finished, you may go through a second exam to test for corrective lenses. This is how the eye doctor will determine your exact lens prescription if you even need one at all. When that is finished, your exam is done, and you’ll get a clear picture of your eye health.

If problems are found, the eye doctor will discuss them with you, as well as help you plan a course of action for dealing with those issues. That will include any referrals if you need a specialist.

Contact Lewis County Eye & Vision to Schedule Your Eye Exam

Proper eye health starts with a quality eye exam. You can find the help you need quickly and easily. Contact Lewis County Eye & Vision in Chehalis today at (360) 748-9228 to schedule your optometry appointment.


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