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Regular eye exams should be a normal part of your overall health maintenance plan. Children can benefit from exams to ensure they can see properly for academic work, for athletic activities, and for social interaction. If you already wear corrective lenses, your optometrist will ensure that your prescription is correct and that no unusual changes are occurring in your vision. Your Chehalis, WA eye doctor will also check your eyes for problems that occur with aging that can have a significant impact on your ability to see.

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What Happens During An Eye Exam?

During an eye exam, your eye doctor will ask about your general health, which can sometimes affect the health of your eyes. In addition, you will be asked about the kind of work you do and other activities that require clear vision. The eye doctor or a technician will do a few simple tests such as an eye chart, color perception test, “puff test” for glaucoma and cover test to see how well your eyes work together.

Depth perception and eye movements will also be tested. Your eye doctor will then use certain devices to determine the correct vision prescription you will need and the health of your eyes. Some types of optometric equipment allow the doctor to see inside the eye structures, which can provide information on potential eye problems, such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. Your eye doctor in Chehalis can detect, manage and treat these diseases.

What Information Do Eye Exams Provide?

Eye exams provide important information to your eye doctor. The tests may show significant changes in vision that should be monitored or investigated. They may also show that your refraction errors have stabilized, which means you won’t require a different lens prescription.

The tests that show the inner structures of the eye may reveal changes in the condition of blood vessels, clouding of the lens that could indicate cataracts or other irregularities that could indicate an eye disease. Through these tests, the optometrist can get a good picture of the health of your eyes and what may be necessary to help you see more clearly and more comfortably.

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