Choosing The Right Glasses

Choosing The Right Glasses at Lewis County Eye & Vision

If you choose to wear glasses to correct your vision, you have to find the right pair that will complement your face. That’s why if you need to update your prescription or are interested in getting a new pair of frames in the Chehalis area, our team at Lewis County Eye & Vision is here to help. Our optometry office offers a wide range of plastic and metal frames in many different shapes, colors, and finishes. We can help ensure you are set up with the right pair of eyewear that suits our aesthetic and daily needs.  


The Shape of the Glasses

Before you try on any frames, assess the shape of your face. The shape of the frames you choose should complement your facial structure and proportions. If you have features that stand out, decide how to best balance or positively represent them. For instance, if you have a wide chin, a wide frame with some colorful detail on the top can bring the eye upward and create a more balanced look. 

The Color of the Glasses

The color you choose for your frames should go well with your hair color and the hue of your skin. When you wear your eyeglasses, they will be next to both your hair and skin, so it’s essential to compare the frame next to both. Do the colors clash? Do they go together well? There may be another color that goes better with your natural colors. That’s why our team is here to help. We can recommend what material and color frame goes best with your face and hair. We recommend you try on a few different pairs to get a feel for how each looks on you.

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If you need an eye exam from an optometrist in the Chehalis area, call us at (360) 748-9228 to make your appointment today. Our professional staff at Lewis County Eye & Vision is dedicated to providing various options in eyewear to best fit your needs. We also offer lens coatings to protect your glasses and eye health. Our optometrist is here to help ensure your prescription and eye health are up-to-date during your annual eye exam. Contact us today to learn more about how our optometry team can help. 


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