Blurry Vision

What Causes Blurry Vision And How To Treat It

Our eyes are very delicate and can have a range of issues that you do not even know about. Taking the time to properly care for your eyes is a must and making sure that you are visiting an optometrist is often the best form of treatment. For those in the Chehalis, WA area, Lewis County Eye & Vision can help you with all your eye care needs.


What Causes Blurry Vision?

Eyes are complicated and there may not be any one single reason for your blurry vision. There are a range of reasons your vision might not be crystal clear and sharp that range from simple and not all that alarming to more complicated and needing professional intervention. Some not so serious causes for blurry vision might be allergies, headaches can cause blurry vision, interactions with medication can cause blurry vision, and even being overly tired or eye fatigue or strain from looking at electronic screens for too long can cause blurry vision. In most cases, these less worrisome causes for blurry vision are temporary and your vision will go back to normal.

There are also more serious causes for blurry vision. You might need a prescription for glasses due to changes in your eyes, due to your eyes aging, you might be experiencing the start of cataracts or glaucoma, and you might be dealing with other medical issues that do require the attention of an optometrist. If you are experiencing blurry vision that lasts for a while or that gets worse, you should get to an optometrist to see what can be done to correct it.

What Can Be Done To Correct Blurry Vision?

In cases of allergies or eye fatigue, you can generally take an allergy medication and just let your eyes rest. If you feel that you might need a prescription for eyeglasses or that you might have another medical issue regarding your eyes, a visit to the optometrist for corrective lenses or for a treatment plan may be in order. Blurry vision due to things like far sightedness or near sightedness can generally be corrected with glasses while cataracts and glaucoma can be treated with eye surgery. Blurry vision that lasts for a prolonged period does require medical attention like that offered at Lewis County Eye & Vision.

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