Importance of Sunglasses During Winter

Sunglasses During Winter

When you spend time outdoors, even in the winter, you need UV protection. UV rays can be extremely damaging to the eyes and this is true in the winter as much as any other time of year. When you need an optometrist in Chehalis, contact Lewis County Eye & Vision to make an appointment. You need an eye exam every year to check your eyes for several problems as well as to get a fresh prescription.

Do You Really Need Sunglasses in the Winter?

Many people believe that the sun is brighter during the summer because the weather is hotter. However, the sun is just as bright during the winter and you need sunglasses during that time of year as well. It's always important to keep your eyes protected from the sun because of the damage that the sun can do. Sunlight can damage the eyes in a variety of ways and sunglasses can keep this from happening. It's a good idea to wear them every time you're out during the day no matter what time of year it is. Even if the sky is cloudy, there is sunlight coming through.

UV Protection

One of the biggest reasons that you need to wear sunglasses in the winter is for UV protection. UV rays can damage various parts of the eye, including the macula and the lens. This damage can lead to poorer vision and may even lead to most of your vision being lost. Sunglasses are made to block anywhere from 99% to 100% of the UV rays that would pass through the lenses. This leaves your eyes very well protected against UV damage.

Get Your Sunglasses in Chehalis, WA

When you need sunglasses for UV protection, you need to see our optometrist in Chehalis. Call Lewis County Eye & Vision today at (360) 748-9228.


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