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Sports Eye Safety

Sports Eye Safety

Optometry Services to Ensure Sports Eye Safety At Lewis County Eye & Vision, Inc. in Chehalis, WA

The sports community often wears protective gear for the legs, arms, and fingers. Unfortunately, some sportspersons do not think that the protection of the eyes is essential. Our optometry team at Lewis County Eye & Vision, Inc. in Chehalis, Washington would like to enlighten you on the value of sports eye care.

Why Eye Protection During Games Matters?

Statistics from the National Eye Institute reveals that sports-related eye injuries are among the major causes of blindness in the United States. 40,000 sports-linked eye injuries happen every year. The Institute adds that protective eye gear can prevent 90 percent of the injuries occurring during sporting events.
So, what protective eyewear do optometrists recommend for the people who play basketball, racquetball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, golf, football, netball, baseball as well as swimming and skiing?

Polycarbonate Eye Care Wear for Sports Vision 

Our eye vision experts regard the high impact-resistant plastic, polycarbonate eyewear as the best protective items. Polycarbonate items are ten times stronger than ordinary plastic, so the material does not break when a ball strikes it. Thus, when a ball flies into your way, the right eye protection saves your eyes from damage.
Lewis County Eye & Vision, Inc. optometry department can prescribe and provide fashionable, eye safety items that fit your facial features. We also ensure that the sports vision equipment is not only comfortable but that the polycarbonate goggles meet the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards.

Sun Glasses for Outdoor Sports

During outdoor games including waterskiing and hiking, the wearing of sunglasses can prevent the eyes from the damage caused by UVB and UVA sun rays. The sunglasses can help to avoid cataracts and ocular cancer.

Consult Our Chehalis Optometrist At Lewis County Eye & Vision, Inc. for the Right Eye Guards

Would you like to know the appropriate eye guards for a particular sport? Or are you a parent who wants the best eye care for your child during playtime? Call Lewis County Eye & Vision, Inc. for help in choosing the sunglasses100 percent of UV rays and the most suitable eye guards at (360) 748-9228.


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