Signs of Computer Vision

Many people spend hours at a time in front of a computer screen. With more people working from home, upwards of 7-8 hours at a time isn't uncommon. As a result, computer vision syndrome may occur. At Lewis County Eye & Vision in Chehalis, we treat a variety of eye health conditions, including computer vision.

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision syndrome occurs when a person has spent an extended period staring at a screen, resulting in eye strain. There are various symptoms of computer vision. These issues can be exacerbated due to poor lighting conditions, bad posture, or even the wrong prescription for your glasses. The following symptoms are commonly associated with computer vision:

  • Frequent headaches and eye strain
  • Dry eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Pain in the neck and shoulders

Treatment for Computer Vision

Those who think they have computer vision syndrome have several options available. Always work in a room that has adequate lighting to prevent eye strain and headaches. Secondly, always make sure your head and neck are comfortable. You can achieve this by placing your screen at the correct height. Try to take frequent breaks to prevent eye strain.

For every hour in front of a screen, take at least five minutes away from it. Making an appointment with our eye care specialists is an excellent first step to treating your computer vision. We will begin by ensuring your prescription is accurate. Other treatments include wearing blue light glasses and using artificial eye drops. Our team will also explain additional preventative measures.

Get Help with Computer Vision in Chehalis, WA

Computer vision can make it difficult to be productive at work. If you suspect you are suffering from computer vision syndrome, our eye doctors can help. We will evaluate your eyes and make sure you have the correct prescription. Furthermore, we can discuss treatment options to relieve the discomfort you are experiencing. Call our team at Lewis County Eye & Vision today at (360) 748-9228 to schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists.


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