Myopia Control in Kids

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Many eye diseases can begin during childhood, especially myopia. Children are often brought to see the eye doctor after having difficulties in school. Myopia affects nearly one third of the population in the United States.

Controlling Myopia in Children

Myopia is commonly called nearsightedness, and is caused by corneal curvature. Blurred vision occurs when the patient tries looking at far away objects, but clears when looking at objects close up. The risk factors for this disorder are not entirely clear, but heredity factors are believed to be a cause for myopia in children.

The disease is normally controlled with prescribed corrective glasses with a bifocal or multi focal lens that allows children to see things far away. Children tend to benefit most from wearing a bifocal or multi focal lens to help control the myopia. Regular eye exams by our eye doctor will help ensure that your child is receiving optimum eye care from our optometrist in Chehalis.

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