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How What You Eat Affects Your Eye Health

man in kitchen preparing a salad with omega 3 and vitamin rich foods to promote eye health

The Connection Between Diet And Eye Health: Information from our Chehalis Optometrist

You know that the foods you eat impact your physical health. You know that too much sugar isn't great for your teeth, that too much unhealthy fats are bad for your heart and that processed foods in excess are bad all the way around. You also know that fruits and vegetables are good for your health. But, did you know that your diet impacts your vision and eye health? Do you know which foods are best for protecting and improving eye health? Our Chehalis optometrist at Lewis County Eye & Vision has recommendations for making sure your eyes are being properly nourished by your diet.

What Foods Are Best For Your Eyes?

A healthy, balanced diet is always a good choice, however there are specific foods that are especially high in the nutrients that help protect your eyes from conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts. Omega 3 fatty acids, lutein, vitamin C and zinc are all protective and nutritious. The following is a list of foods to focus on.

  • Dark, leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach and Swiss chard.
  • Salmon, tuna, sardines and other fish rich in oils.
  • Eggs, avocados, nuts, beans.
  • Shellfish, lean meats.

Of course, these foods aren't just good for your eyes, but it's nice to know that by consuming these nutrient-rich foods you are helping ensure healthy eyes and vision. If you would like more information on eye health, contact your optometrist.

Contact Our Chehalis Eye Doctor for More Information on Eye Health

Another way to ensure your vision and eye health is to see your eye doctor regularly. Regular eye exams with our Chehalis optometrist are essential in order to maintain your eye health and ensure optimum vision. Your eye doctor can catch potential problems before they become worse. Contact Lewis County Eye & Vision  to schedule your visit today at (360) 748-9228.




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