Bifocal Contact Lenses

Are you having trouble seeing, but hate the idea of wearing glasses? Bifocal contacts may be for you. Here are three things our optometrist at Lewis County Eye & Vision Chehalis, WA wants you to know about bifocal contacts.


Why should I get bifocal contacts?

More and more people are choosing bifocal contacts over bifocal eyeglasses or "readers" for a very simple reason: you will generally have better vision with bifocal contacts than with bifocal eyeglasses.

With bifocal contacts, you can stay on the go. You will never have to look for reading glasses because you are already wearing them. Contact lenses give you better vision. They give you a wider field of vision. They don't fog up when you have to wear a mask or when you come in from the heat. They don't distort light or reflect what you are seeing back to the world around you.

You will look natural when you wear bifocal contacts. Everyone will be able to see your face. If you wear eyelash extensions, everyone can see how they complement your eye color. They won't slip off your nose. There are no frames to come loose or lenses to break. And you can still show off the stylish sunglasses you choose from our robust selection of styles and colors.

Aren't all bifocal contacts the same?

Our optometrist at Lewis County Eye Care in Chehalis will help you find the right bifocal contacts for your lifestyle and your vision correction needs. You may discover that you get the best possible vision with the new gas permeable (GP) rigid contacts that stay stationary while your eye moves. It may take you a few days to adjust to them if you haven't worn GP contacts before but many of our patients find that these bifocal contacts give them great vision.

The Best Time to Get Bifocal Contacts Is Now

Don't put off reading comfortably and looking great. Call us at (360) 748-9228. The offices of Lewis County Eye & Vision are located at 1179 S Market Blvd #3427, Chehalis, WA 98532.



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