Bifocal Contact Lenses

Bifocal Contact Lenses

Did you know that you don't have to wear reading glasses if you have contacts? Just like glasses, you can order your contacts to have bifocal lenses. This is an option you should talk to your optometrist about. If you don't have a regular optometry clinic in Chehalis, WA, come make us at Lewis County Eye & Vision your eye care partners.

Bifocal Contact Lenses

What Are Bifocal Contacts?

Bifocal contact lenses come from the same idea behind bifocal glasses. In segmented types, each piece contains a lower part of the lens for reading and an upper part to help you see better in the distance. Concentric lenses have rings for distance and near vision. Both types allow you to have two prescriptions in the same set of lenses.  

Why Get Bifocal Contacts?

These types of contact lenses mean you don't need to juggle two sets of glasses for seeing near and far. Nor do you have to wear contacts and put on reading glasses for close-up work. You get the best of both worlds with bifocal contacts.

Lens Options

You have several options for bifocal contacts. Disposable let you wear your lenses for a short time and throw them away, eliminating the tedium of cleaning them. Contacts may come in rigid gas permeable, soft or hybrid forms. How the lenses separate near and far vision and your eyes' anatomy will help the optometrist to find the best set of contacts to give you the best vision.

What Else Should You Know About Bifocal Contacts?  

Just as with many vision corrective procedures, you may need an adjustment period while your vision acclimates to using bifocal contacts. Until your eyes become used to seeing through the contacts, you could see ghost images or have slight blurring at certain distances. If these do not go away or become troublesome, let our optometry professionals know. You may need an adjustment in your prescription or a different type of vision correction.

Come See Us for Better Vision — Near and Far

If you need new contacts, make an appointment with an optometrist at Lewis County Eye & Vision. We can help you get the perfect pair of contacts for your vision. Let us know if you want to replace your reading glasses and contacts with a pair of bifocal lenses. We'll work with you to ensure your contacts work for your lifestyle. Come see us from anywhere in the Chehalis, WA, area or schedule an appointment by calling our office at (360) 748-9228!



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