Bifocal Contact Lenses

If you want to correct your eyesight without wearing glasses, bifocal contact lenses are a great option. Bifocal lenses are used by patients with presbyopia. The lenses correct both near and distance vision, and are available in hard and soft lenses. Bifocal contacts are designed for people with refractive errors to help them achieve clear vision.


How do bifocal lenses work?

These corrective lenses work by altering the way light enters the eye at two different distances, effectively correcting both close up and distance vision. It is typical for individuals to experience problems with their sight as they age. The most common age-related vision condition is presbyopia. This condition is a gradual stiffening of the natural lenses in a person's eyes, which makes focusing vision difficult.

Bifocal lenses are two prescriptions in the same lens designed to correct both near vision and distant vision in a single product.

Which bifocal contact lens is right for me?

Bifocal contact lens fit differently and are designed from different materials. Your eye care practitioner will consider several factors before selecting the right bifocal contact lens for you. The shape of your eyes, your near vision, and your distance vision will all be considered.

Before finding the bifocal contact lens that is right for you, you may need to try different designs. Practitioners often offer free trial lenses to allow you to select the right bifocal contact lens for you. If you need help understanding your prescription, visit our guide on contact lens.

A majority of people who need bifocal lenses are those hitting middle age and older adulthood. In general, people develop presbyopia for around 40 years of age.

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There are many advantages to wearing contact lenses over traditional glasses. This is why they are recommended for anyone experiencing presbyopia. If you have experienced issues with poor eyesight in Chehalis, consider getting bifocal contact lenses. At Lewis County Eye and Vision, we provide eye examinations and help our clients find the right kind of vision treatment to fit their needs. Our expert optometrist will examine your unique situation and customize a correction plan for your vision. Contact us today.


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